Elixir strings the Answer to all guitarists Dreams

Elixir strings the Answer to all guitarists Dreams

23rd Feb 2023

Summary: Smooth. That’s the one word I can describe these strings that applies to both sound and feel. Amazingly enough, even Elixir describes the feel as “smooth” on their website. They’re no making baseless claims. These feel and play as smooth as silk.

Pros: It’s a coated string, so it’s going to have a longer life by its very nature. Time will tell just how long. The sound and feel are dynamite, but its in the feel department where this string stands out.

Cons: None that I can think of other than these strings lose their brightness pretty quickly. So Elixir’s marketing that states these strings are bright, well, at least for me, that may just be initially. But for me that’s a good thing because I hate playing new strings.

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