Shure Microphones - Muzic Man Australia

Shure Microphones - Muzic Man Australia

19th Feb 2023

The Shure SM58 is the most popular dynamic microphone in the world. This vocal microphone is the choice of both legends and the top artists of today.

The SM58 was introduced in 1966. The first units were sold in September 1966. The SM58 is based on the Unidyne III microphone element developed in the late 1950s by Shure engineer Ernie Seeler. This element is also used in the SM57, 565, and 545 models.

The rounded ball grille of the SM58 is designed to crumple on impact – much like the design of the front of a car – which makes the microphone durable when dropped, hit, or even thrown. This is a big part of the SM58’s legendary day-to-day reliability.

The grille is paired with foam and a resonator cap, and this comprises a lot of the SM58’s built-in pop filtering. Then, the transducer capsule sits underneath this foam and resonator cap. The capsule’s design provides a consistent cardioid polar pattern that allows more gain to be used before audible feedback occurs.

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